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AE 20mm Cannon

When reliability and simplicity are paramount, the HS804 AE20mm cannon is the ideal solution for land and naval applications, offering a cost effective option to more complex, high value medium calibre weapons on the market. Originally developed for aircraft use, the multi-purpose HS804 AE20mm cannon is effective against land, naval and air targets and can be readily configured for a range of platforms from wheeled vehicles to surface ships

Product Support

This rugged combination is backed by fast and efficient worldwide spares support from the substantial stocks held at AEI. A continuous development and production programme ensures product quality in accordence with AEI’s ISO 9001:2008 quality approval. AEI offers customers full in country/on vehicle installation, servicing and personnel training. Customers can also send their AE20 VM/AE20-NM mounts and HS804 Cannon to AEI’s Ascot facility in the UK for repair/refurbishment.

Data specifications
Cannon Type HS 804
Calibre:20 mm
Rate of fire:620 to 720 rpm
Muzzle velocity:835 m/s (2,740 ft/s)
Range (max)5,700 m (6,234 yds)
Range (Effective)2000 m (2,187 yds)
Recoil force (max):4.5 kN (1,012 lbf)
Recoil force (mean):1.6 kN (369 lbf)
Weight of cannon (less magazine):42.8 kgf (94.4 lbf)
TP & TP-TTarget practice (+ Tracer)
HE & HE-THigh explosive (+ Tracer)
HEI & HEI-THigh explosive incendiary (+ Tracer)
AP & AP-TArmour piercing (+ Tracer)
API & API-TArmour piercing incendiary (+ Tracer)
Firing mechanism

Mechanical with selector for single shot, automatic and safe.


Manual by means of hand grips and optional hardness.

Gun sight

NATO / Picatinny Rail for user preference sight attachment

Traverse arc:360° with optional adjustable safety arc stops
Elevation arc:-15° to +58°
Swept radius:1.68 m (66 ins) at 0° elevation
Height:540 mm; base to barrel centreline
Weight (Less gun & ammunition)75 kgf (165 lbf)
AE20-VM2 Data sheet

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Traverse arc:360° with adjustable arc stops
Elevation arc:-10° to + 55°
Swept radius:1.68 m (66 ins) at 0° elevation
Height:1 m (39.5 ins) centre line from mounting base
Weight (mounting only):157 kgf (345 lbf)
AE20-NM Data sheet


Clicking the Download button will open this data sheet in a new tab and it can be saved as a .pdf.

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